The members of grower associations DOOR, Harvest House, Oxin Growers have joined forces in the GLAS4.0 program. This program focuses on the way disruptive technologies and their application can be made available for crops in glas-houses.

GLAS4.0 is a network organisation, platform, which wants to connect the best high-tech growers with the best developments and innovations from the high-tech market in order to make the technology available for the Dutch growers.

You can inform us on your developments and innovations. After your notification we will review whether the innovation is a promissing one and if an efficient cooperation for both parties is possible. 

Glas4.0 Coordination Team


Frank van Kleef
Grower of tomatoes, member at Harvest House, chairman 

Kees van Rooij
Grower of bell-peppers and tomatoes, member at Oxin Growers

Aad Sonneveld
Grower of bell-peppers, member at Oxin Growers & Chairman FVO

Jacco Besuijen
Manager (new) energy at Prominent, Growers United

Tom Prins
Growers United 

Perry Dijkhuizen
The Greenery Growers

Erik Gubbels
Grower of bell-peppers, member of Royal ZON

Program Management
Harrij Schmeitz -

External advisors

Colinda de Beer
Innovation Quarter, Business Developer Horticulture


Connected by Growers 

Growers inform us about contacts they have with solution providers through the application form on the growers portal. 

Connected by Providers

Providers can inform us about a solution or initiative they have through the contactform on this page. 


We sent a detailed questionnaire (application-form) to the applicant and then review the initiative in a small team to decide whether we can help. Periodically we invite applicants to pitch their solution of initiative in front of growers. The growers then will decide whether to stop, to keep the initiative in scope and review it again in 6 months or so, or to come to some kind of an agreement.

Only with the consent of the solution provider, we include the initiative or solution on our list on the portal (only accessible for member of grower associations which participate in GLAS4.0). 

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