The members of grower associations DOOR, Harvest House, Oxin Growers and The Greenery have acces to a dedicated area of the Glas4.0 platform. 

In the growers portal (telersportaal) the growers will find the information which is collected in the Glas4.0 Program. Herefor they have to <login> with the accesscode which is provided to them by their Producers Association.  Glas4.0 provides only information on initiatives and solutions when the solution provider has given permission.  

For more information about the growers portal (telersportaal) and log in details you can also send an email to 



Frank van Kleef
Grower of tomatoes, member at Harvest House, chairman 

Kees van Rooij
Grower of bell-peppers and tomatoes, member at Oxin Growers

Aad Sonneveld
Grower of bell-peppers, member at Oxin Growers & Chairman FVO

Jacco Besuijen
Manager (new) energy at Prominent, Growers United

Tom Prins
Growers United 

Perry Dijkhuizen
The greenery Growers

Erik Gubbels
Grower of bell-peppers, member of Royal ZON

Program Management
Harrij Schmeitz -

External advisors

Colinda de Beer
Innovation Quarter, Business Developer Horticulture



We, growers, are approached on a regular base by start-ups or suppliers who have invented or developed something, with the question if we can help them with further development, testing or market launch of their product.

Sometimes the ideas are great, but more often the ideas are not sufficiently developed, not yet good enough or we are simply cannot use them at all. The goal of Glas 4.0 is to evaluate the many ideas, initiatives and developments in an early stage, support the good ideas and help them in further development to products or services in a way that our sector can take advantage. It is also a goal of Glas4.0 that our affiliated growers don’t have to invest time in ideas that will not give back any revenue. At the same time we want to prevent that good ideas don’t get the attention they deserve and therefor probably are not realised. 

On this website (in the telersportal) you can see what ideas and companies are already known by Glas 4.0 and how we reviewed them. Are you being asked to support or help new developments, but you don’t want to do it or don’t have the time, tell the developer/supplier to go to Glas 4.0 and applicate. You can also fill out the “telerscontact-formulier”, to be found onthe telersportal,  to report the contact to us. We, than, will contact the possible applicant, review the application end see if and how we can help the initiative to develop further.

If you have questions about Glas 4.0 or want to be involved in the developments please fill out the contactform. We will get in touch.

Frank van Kleef



Growers portal

This portal is accessible only for members of the grower associations which participate in the GLAS4.0 platform.

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