The members of grower associations DOOR, Harvest House, Royal ZON, Oxin Growers and The Greenery have joined forces in the GLAS4.0 program. This program focuses on the way disruptive technologies and their application can be made available for cucumber, eggplant, bell pepper and tomato crops.

GLAS4.0 is a network organisation, platform, which wants to connect the best high-tech growers with the best developments and innovations from the high-tech market in order to make the technology available for the Dutch fruiting vegetables crop growers.


Our goal is to identify the world’s best technology companies and ensure that they partner with growers within de GLAS4.0 network. Glas4.0 is open to everything that can improve our business; affecting for instance the growth of crop, yield prediction, climate, scouting, harvesting et cetera.

How can we help


We create a single point of contact between high tech companies & researchers on one side, and the growers on the other side. We assess which of the initiatives and solutions have potential and how we can support them with knowledge and/or support from the growers in the member grower associations DOOR, Harvest House, Royal ZON, Best of Four/Van Nature and The Greenery.

This platform focuses on the way disruptive technologies and their application can be made available for greenhouse crops. 


Because of the fact data is essential for the development of technology we developed for our growers a dataprotocol. This protocol is to secure data ownership for the growers at one side. But on the other side it must make more data available for tech innovations based on data. 




Harrij Schmeitz

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Topsector HortiCulture Innovation Prize 2021

Call for startups and scale-ups - participate in the TopSector HortiCulture Innovation Prize 2021 and gain fast access to the horticulture industry and: 


The winning team will receive:

  • a voucher worth 25,000 euros for the further development of their solution or concept and/or the resolution of bottlenecks in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research;
  • personalised guidance from a T&U innovation broker (20 hours, worth 2,500 euros);
  • 1,500 euros worth of media exposure via KAS Magazine.  

There is also an Audience Prize, which consists out of: 
a cash  prize of 1,500 euros and more!

Deadline: 15 Aug 2021 

Apply and criteria via Impact2025

Growers portal

This portal is accessible only for members of the grower associations which participate in the GLAS4.0 platform.

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